What is E-Waste?

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What is E-Waste?

Electronic Waste, is popularly now known as ‘e-waste’. It can be defined as and when an electronic device is dismissed or discarded when the life or the use of that device or the product comes to an end. This mainly happens due to the fast and rapid changes that occur in the technology. Changes in technology are mainly responsible for the E- waste generated today. Increase in the demand for new technologies occur due to the changes in fashion, style and status which cause the end of the useful life of these electronics.

E-waste is an ever growing and ongoing problem that is faced by all countries. E-waste or Electronic waste is generated when dismissed or discarded equipment’s like computers, other office electronic devices, mobile phones, TV’s, Refrigerators, pagers, printers, scanners, fax machines, main frames, monitors, calculators, audio and video devices, air conditioners, washing machines, and microwave ovens etc. Electronic waste or e-waste also includes few of the recording devices such as DVDs, CDs, hard drives, floppies, tapes, printing cartridges, electronic components such as computer or mobile chips, mother boards, circuit boards, processors, and industrial electronics such as sirens, sensors, alarms, security devices etc.

Electronic waste or e-waste is one of the rapidly growing problem of the world. In fact in India, the electronic waste management is much higher due to the generation of our own waste. With the increasing use of computers and electronic equipment’s and people dumping the old electronic products for the new ones, which has led to the steady increase in the amount of E-Waste.

E-waste or electronic waste also presents a potential danger or threat to individuals and the exporting countries. Hard drive that are not properly erased before the computer is being dismissed or discarded can be reused causing a potential threat for the individual. Credit card numbers, Debit card numbers, financial data, accounting information, and records of online transactions can be accessed by most willing individuals.

At present Mumbai is one of the leading city which alone generates tonnes of Electronic waste annually and in the absence of proper disposal. Recycling of these raw materials which have no life left or are about to die is the best possible way to end the ongoing problems of E-waste. But most of the electronics product or devices contain a lot of different varieties of materials such as metals which can be reused for future use. By breaking down these products and getting them to be re-used will indirectly save air and water pollution. Another benefit of recycling them will also reduce the greenhouse gas emission which is caused while producing the new products. Certain materials can be recycled and reused but there are few of the materials which cannot be recycle or be reused. In countries like the U.S., recycling aims to reduce the harm to human health and the surroundings that dispose and dismiss the Electronics. Recycling of the products ensures the best management process of the electronics being recycled or re used for worker health and safety. In Europe the metals which are recycled are returned to the responsible companies with a reduced cost. While in Japan they have pushed to make their products more sustainable. They impose hard-core responsibilities on the manufactures to recycle products with new designs for their infrastructure. This has resulted that manufacturers in japan have an option to sell the recycled metals.

Eco recycling ltd (Ecoreco), the plant which is India’s first leading and professional E-Waste recycling Management Company which has made its mark in the industry. The unit focuses on the reduction of pollution, landfill waste and recover valuable metals, plastics & glass from waste with its innovative and eco-friendly manner.

The initiative is to aim at lowering the accumulation of used and discarded electronic and electrical equipment’s. India is becoming a developing country and it needs simple & low-cost technology keeping in view of maximizing resources recovery in environmental friendly and innovative methodologies.

Electronics waste or E-waste is a rising problem faced by almost each and every country whether it’s a developed or developing country. It’s a major problem which has led major companies to take E-waste as an individual responsibility and making efforts to reduce e-waste by recycling and reusing it with innovative & efficient ways and by also not harming or polluting the environment to maximum. Electronic waste or E-waste should not be ignored and should be taken seriously by every individual or company for the betterment of the world and for the future generations.

It may not be out of place to mention that our company, Eco Recycling Ltd, the first company ventured in to recycling of end of life electrical & electronic equipment in India is also the first company approved for such activity by the Central Pollution Control Board and the Maharashtra pollution Control Board.

Eco Recycling Ltd (Ecoreco) provide services of collection from the door step of the corporate offices and other bulk users, transport across nation for recycling of electrical & electronic equipment, lamp recycling, cable recycling, precious metal recycling, white goods recycling, confidential data destruction services, CRT Recycling. Ecoreco has innovative services like “Lamp Recycling on Wheels”, “Data Destruction on Wheels” etc. These Mobile Facilities are deployed at the customers’ premises for onsite destruction of Lamps & Data devices for safe & secured disposal.

Let’s act before Nature reacts.

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