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What is E-waste Recycling?

The term electronic waste, commonly known as E-waste, means the electronic products, both consumer and business, that have become obsolete or unwanted. Such devices become ‘electronic trash’ on reaching the end of their useful life after only a few short years due to rapid technological advancements.

The reuse and reprocessing of electronic waste of any type is known as Electronic waste Recycling. Common examples of e-waste found in your home includes air conditioners, televisions, heaters, fans, computers and laptops, cell phones, etc. Landfills are rapidly filling up with obsolete electronic products. These products contain hard metal which endanger the environment and cannot be recycled properly if they are carelessly thrown away. Almost all of the electronic waste produced contains recyclable materials such as metals, glass and plastic.

Why is it needed?

It is extremely important to make sure that the electronic waste produced is being disposed of properly. Majority of the devices are either dumped in landfills or are burnt which is both toxic to humans as well as the environment. Only a small percent of e-waste ends up being recycled and reused. Here’s why recycling is so vital:

  • The old electronic devices that you no longer use and is accumulating in your house contains toxic chemicals like lead, lithium, cadmium or other heavy metals. If thrown away without being properly processed, it will not only harm the environment but also pose serious health risks. Recycling, thus, prevents these hazardous materials from accumulating.
  • Electronic waste is a rich source of raw materials. Almost 90% of electronic waste can be recovered and reused. Precious metal like gold and silver, which are of economic importance get lost if not recycled. And by reusing the recycled metals, we are limiting the exploitation of natural resources and conserving the environment.
  • Electronic waste mostly contains non-biodegradable substances that take a long time to decompose. Recycling electronic devices with such substances ensures no threat to the environment.
  • Tons of unprocessed electronic waste gets dumped on landfills. Recycling ensures that this landfill space is saved.

What are the benefits?

  • Recycling electronic waste saves significant energy cost. Up to 70% of energy required can be saved by recycling minerals from e-waste instead of mining and processing new materials. This leads to cost reduction. Less dependence on finite resources, decline in greenhouse gas emissions and reduction in pollution are some of the other important recycling benefits.
  • There are economic benefits to recycling too. Dumping in landfills or incineration electronic waste leads to unproductive expenses like transport cost or indirect health cost, with no income. Comparatively, cost for recycling is less and significant revenue is generated through sale of these recycled items.
  • Employment opportunity is also created via growing e-waste concern. Jobs like professional recycling and refurbishing services are generated from the electronic waste recycling sector.
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