Lamp Recycling (Onsite & Offsite)

Illuminating Sustainability: Responsible Lamp Recycling to Curb Mercury Pollution

Light Up Responsibly with Ecoreco

Light is essential for life, and lamps make it possible. However, when discarded or burnt-out lamps containing hazardous elements like mercury and phosphorous end up in water bodies or landfills, they pose a severe environmental threat over time.

Ecoreco: Leading the Charge in Lamp Recycling

Till date scientific lamp recycling is not yet a preferred way of disposal, however Ecoreco took the initiative in 2009 to promote fused lamp recycling practices. In 2009, we introduced the Lamp Recycling on Wheels facility, providing on-site lamp recycling services. This particular innovation was awarded by Muncipalika in 2009. We also offer off-site lamp recycling services to environmentally conscious users.

Preventing Mercury Contamination

When lamps are discarded in the solid waste stream and break, mercury goes into the soil and finally enters in the waterbodies, posing, a significant environmental hazard. Airborne mercury often contaminates water bodies, ultimately affecting fish populations. Consuming mercury-contaminated fish can harm human nervous systems, especially those of young and unborn children.

Stringent Enforcement of Law for Scientific Disposal of Lamps

While the mercury content in a single lamp may be small, India’s annual production of fluorescent tube lights (FTL) and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) consumes approximately eight tonnes of mercury. Imported CFLs add another three tonnes to the equation. Almost all discarded lamps end up in municipal waste therefore scientific disposal of lamps become essential. Recognizing this need, Ecoreco introduced India’s first mobile lamp recycling facility, enabling responsible recycling and disposal of lamps at the client’s premises (onsite). This innovative approach prevents mercury from escaping into the environment by diverting these products away from landfills and incinerators.

Ecoreco’s Convenient Lamp Recycling Solutions

Ecoreco offers hassle-free options for both businesses and consumers to recycle waste lamps, whether onsite or offsite. Collaborating with manufacturers and bulk consumers to integrate responsible lamp recycling into their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, Ecoreco is committed to creating a mercury-free environment in India.

Ecoreco's Lamp Recycling Advantage

  1. Comprehensive lamp recycling options

  2. Mobile on-site lamp crushing and compacting

  3. Suitable for all types of lamps including broken lamps

  4. Fully documented and auditable system


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