Recycling On Wheels-SmartER

Overview of Recycling on Wheels-SmartER

Recycling on Wheels-SmartER represents a cutting-edge initiative meticulously crafted by Ecoreco. This visionary endeavour is poised to transform the landscape of E-waste management while upholding a steadfast commitment to environmental preservation and societal advancement. At its core, this project confronts the critical issues entwined with informal E-waste handling, presenting a comprehensive and sustainable remedy. Through the strategic fusion of advanced technology, robust security measures, and unwavering environmental responsibility, Recycling on Wheels-SmartER emerges as a trailblazing enterprise, resolutely dedicated to advancing the welfare of both our environment and our nation.

This Innovation has been recommended to all the Smart Cities by the Principal Scientific Advisor (PSA), under the PMO.

In this era of heightened environmental awareness and the imperative for sustainable practices, Recycling on Wheels-SmartER shines as a beacon of innovation and progress. By weaving together the threads of technological prowess, security diligence, and a profound sense of environmental stewardship, this initiative paves the way for a brighter and more responsible future. Its multifaceted approach not only reimagines the management of E-waste but also heralds a new era of conscientious corporate responsibility. Recycling on Wheels-SmartER, as conceived by Ecoreco, embodies a resounding commitment to ushering in a greener tomorrow.

Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh Flags Off “Recycling on Wheels SmartER” to Promote Cleanliness & Environmental Responsibility


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