Policies for Sustainable Supply Chain and Ethical Practices

Supply Chain Code of Conduct

Ecoreco is firmly committed to maintaining high ethical standards and continually improving the overall sustainability performance of our business and projects. We align our operations with industry-leading practices in human rights, labor standards, environmental responsibility, and anti-corruption measures.

We recognize the pivotal role of our Suppliers and Contractors in sustaining our business and technical performance. Consequently, we expect them to adhere to our Code of Conduct, which entails compliance with the law and adherence to nationally recognized standards and best practices.

Ecoreco reserves the right to discontinue business relationships with Suppliers and related entities found in violation of our Code of Conduct. Our minimum and preferred requirements for Suppliers and Contractors are outlined below.

Corporate Governance and Ethics :

  • Stringent compliance with all local and national laws and regulations regarding bribery, corruption, and prohibited business practices.
  • Adherence to high ethical standards in all business dealings.
  • Establishment of a formal complaints management process, accessible to both employees and community members.
  • Timely and transparent disclosure of material matters related to services provided by the Supplier or Contractor to Ecoreco.

Labor and Workplace Management :

  • Compliance with all pertinent local and national laws and regulations pertaining to employment practices, benefits, health, safety, and anti-discrimination.
  • Maintenance of a workplace free from direct or indirect discrimination, harassment, or bullying based on factors such as gender, age, race, nationality, ethnic origin, disability, or other biases.
  • Prohibition of child labor or forced labor in any form.
  • Provision of equitable pay and working conditions, including adequate rest periods and leave entitlements.

Occupational Health and Safety :

  • Adherence to all relevant local and national health and safety laws and regulations.
  • Establishment of a documented health and safety policy and standards.
  • Implementation of a documented system for identifying risks and mitigating work-related injuries and illnesses.

Environmental Responsibility :

  • Compliance with all applicable local and national environmental laws and regulations, including environmental permits and reporting requirements.
  • Adoption of a written environmental policy.
  • Development of a comprehensive environmental management plan to identify risks arising from their activities and minimize their impact on the environment.

At Ecoreco, our policies reflect our unwavering commitment to ethical practices, sustainability, and responsible supply chain management. We believe in fostering a business environment that prioritizes people, the planet, and ethical conduct.

Our QHSE Policy : Commitment to a Better Environment

At Ecoreco, we’re dedicated to offering a fully integrated, eco-friendly recycling solution for end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment. However, we also understand that our operations may pose health, safety, and environmental risks both in our workplaces and their surroundings. As part of our moral responsibility, we pledge to take practical measures to prevent harm to the environment, the health and safety of our employees, customers, vendors, and visitors.

Our Eco-Friendly Mission

Ecoreco’s core mission inherently shields the environment. By reintegrating recovered commodities from used electrical and electronic equipment into mainstream industries, we actively contribute to ecological balance. This process reduces our reliance on mining and curbs carbon emissions.

Our Commitments

Prioritizing Health & Safety

Prioritizing Health & Safety

We put the health and safety of our employees, customers, vendors, visitors, and the public at the forefront.

Environmental Safeguard

Environmental Safeguard

We put the health and safety of our employees, customers, vendors, visitors, and the public at the forefront.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

We put the health and safety of our employees, customers, vendors, visitors, and the public at the forefront.

Hazard Identification & Control

Hazard Identification & Control

Identifying hazards, analyzing their impact on QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) performance, and implementing controls to minimize risks and protect people, the environment, equipment, products, and assets.



We strictly adhere to applicable legislation and regulations in all the locations where we operate.

Implementation Across Ecoreco

Ecoreco’s QHSE policy lays down guidelines for our operations, service and product quality, employee health and safety, and environmental protection. This policy will be communicated to all our employees, customers, visitors, and vendors at every location. Each location must demonstrate the implementation of this policy.

Continual Improvement : ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001 and R2v3 Compliance

We are committed to continuously improving our QHSE system, aligning with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001 and R2v3.
At Ecoreco, our work is dedicated to the environment and ecology, aiming to earn and serve while making a positive impact.

Human Rights Policy : Fostering Inclusivity and Empowerment

Ecoreco is deeply committed to upholding and safeguarding human rights, both within and beyond our workplace. Our dedication to human rights is a vital component of our mission to promote socio-economic empowerment and inclusive growth.

  •   Equal Opportunities and Inclusivity

    At Ecoreco, we embrace diversity and provide equal opportunities to all our employees and qualified job applicants. We do not discriminate based on factors such as race, caste, religion, color, ancestry, marital status, gender, age, nationality, or differing ability status. To ensure a diverse workforce, we practice positive discrimination in favor of socially disadvantaged communities, as long as potential employees meet our merit-based criteria. We encourage open communication, participative management, and joint consultations, allowing employees to voice rights-based concerns freely. Furthermore, we prioritize basic amenities, cleanliness, and safety in our workplaces. Ecoreco firmly prohibits child labor, ensuring that no individuals below the age of 18 are engaged in any form of service within or outside our company premises.

  •   Promoting Inclusive Growth

    Ecoreco actively champions human rights through our inclusive growth policy. We encourage local procurement, particularly from small entrepreneurs and Non-Governmental Organizations. By doing so, we channel revenue towards benefiting local and disadvantaged communities, contributing to their well-being.

  •   Responsive Social Strategy

    We continuously reassess our social strategy to align it with the developmental needs of disadvantaged and indigenous communities. Key components of Ecoreco’s social strategy encompass sustainable livelihoods, facilitating access to education, and promoting empowerment.

    Our commitment to human rights goes beyond words; it drives our actions, fostering a workplace and business environment that values inclusivity, diversity, and the well-being of all individuals and communities we touch.

Anti-Corruption Policy : Fostering Integrity and Compliance

Corruption, characterized by dishonest actions in exchange for personal gain, is a long-standing issue in human behavior. Its detrimental effects on fair competition, innovation, and integrity can easily be overlooked. Recognizing the harm it inflicts on the public good, corruption is illegal worldwide, governed by various Anti-corruption Laws in each country.

  •   Our Stance: Universal Compliance

    At Ecoreco, we uphold a strict position on anti-corruption. This policy applies to all individuals associated with Ecoreco, regardless of their location. We expect full compliance with this policy and Anti-corruption Laws from all employees, sales consultants, directors, officers, and board members (collectively referred to as “Company Personnel”). Non-compliance is not tolerated, and any alleged violations will be thoroughly investigated, with appropriate disciplinary actions taken.

  •   Risk Mitigation: Protecting Our Reputation

    Failure to adhere to this policy by Company Personnel can expose the company to substantial risks, potentially jeopardizing its operations and reputation. Violations of certain Anti-corruption Laws may lead to criminal penalties, including imprisonment, and civil liabilities for individual Company Personnel.

  •   Our Commitment to Integrity: No Tolerance for Bribes

    Ecoreco strictly prohibits and condemns the offering or acceptance of bribes, kickbacks, or similar payments, whether domestic or international. These actions include:

    – Influencing official acts or decisions of individuals or entities.
    – Obtaining or retaining business or advantages for the Company.
    – Securing any improper advantage.

    Ecoreco neither pays nor accepts bribes from anyone, fostering a culture of transparency and integrity.

  •   Anti-corruption Laws and Government Officials: Compliance Focus

    While our policy prohibits bribery to anyone, some Anti-corruption Laws primarily address payments to government officials. Therefore, it is crucial for Company Personnel to understand and adhere to these regulations.

    We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and compliance at Ecoreco, ensuring that our commitment to integrity is unwavering across all aspects of our business operations.

Health and Safety Policy at Ecoreco: Ensuring a Secure Work Environment

Corruption, characterized by dishonest actions in exchange for personal gain, is a long-standing issue in human behavior.

Its detrimental effects on fair competition, innovation, and integrity can easily be overlooked. Recognizing the harm it inflicts on the public good, corruption is illegal worldwide, governed by various Anti-corruption Laws in each country.

Safety as a Condition of Employment

At Ecoreco, we view working safely as a fundamental condition for all employees & contractors. Our commitment to safety is a tangible reflection of our actions.

Reporting Unsafe Practices

We place a high premium on reporting any unsafe acts or conditions encountered. Timely intervention by process owners is critical in maintaining a safe environment.

Driving Business Excellence

We firmly believe that a culture of excellence in health and safety directly contributes to achieving outstanding business results. Without a safe and healthy operation, sustainable business success is unattainable.

Integration into Business Practices

Health and safety are seamlessly integrated into all our business management systems and processes. We recognize that making sound business decisions requires genuine consideration for the health and safety of our people.

At Ecoreco, we are committed to ethical practices and sustainability, prioritizing health, safety, environmental responsibility, and integrity in our operations and supply chain. We foster a culture of excellence to ensure a safe and sustainable business environment.


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