Ecoreco is today recognized as a leader and a 'go to' firm in the Indian e-waste management industry.
A Clean India. A Green India.

Ecoreco pioneers Electronic Waste Recycling Revolution in India

Eco Recycling Ltd (Ecoreco) is India's first and leading professional E-waste Management Company that has set industry benchmarks time and again with its innovative & environment friendly disposal practices.


As the industry pioneer and market leader, Ecoreco provides an end to end seamlessly integrated solution for e-waste management to Multi-National Companies (MNC), Indian Multi-National Corporates (Indian MNC), other Corporates, Retailers, Bulk Consumers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Government Departments, NGOs, Households, Philanthropy Organisations, Educational Institutions and all other entities willing to discard their e-waste in an environment friendly manner.

Ecoreco, an ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 Certified Facilities, is led by a professional team at the Board and Senior Management Levels, who carries enormous amount of expertise gained over a period of time working as entrepreneur or working with multinational corporates & other reputed companies. To meet the international standards & practices, Ecoreco preferred technologies from US, Europe & Japan to develop India-centric solutions. It is equally proud to share that, Ecoreco has developed its in house technologies for recovery of Precious & Rare Earth Metals from the complicated e-waste, Recycling on Wheels Facilities for Data Destruction & Lamp Recycling Facilities for on-site & off-site services amongst other value added services. Today, Ecoreco boasts of a unique business model that has evolved to meet changing customer needs and regulatory requirements of the India’s e-waste management industry. Our end to end services starts from Removal of the asset from the client’s premise, Inventorization, Packing, Reverse Logistic, Data Destruction, Asset Recovery, Dismantling, E-waste Recycling, Lamp Recycling, Precious Metal Recovery, Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) Implementation, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Enabling on pan India basis as well as in other neighbouring countries either directly or through its association with World Class E-waste Recycling Companies.



Ecoreco’s ‘Environment Friendly-Customer First’ approach

E-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world because; consumption of electronic equipment has direct relation with our socio-economic development, change in technology, fashion & style. If we further add, the growing demands for Digital India, Smart Cities, E-commerce, M-commerce etc., the consumption of electronic gadgets is expected to touch to $ 400 billion (INR 25 lakh Crores) by 2020 (as per Deity).


As one of the world’s fastest developing nations, India is going to witness a fast increasing load of e-waste, originating from both household consumption and enterprises over and above illegal imports and these put together expected to grow to 15 million MT by 2020 from 3.2 million MT in 2015 consisting of monetary value of recoveries of $ 4 billion (INR 25,000 Crores) and expected to touch to $ 20 billion (INR 125,000 Crores) by 2020.

The above growth comes with greater responsibility of protecting ecology & environment, Ecoreco is proud to have served more than 1000 corporate customers since 2005 comprising of multinational companies, Indian business houses, bulk consumers, BFSI Companies etc. who really believes in the same philosophy with which Eco Recycling Ltd was born to serve. Ecoreco is today recognized as a leader and a 'go to' firm in the Indian e-waste management industry. Ecoreco has established market leadership through its innovative ideas, pan-India reach, on-site services and seamless movement of e-waste from the door step of the client to the last ritual of the hazardous waste and that is the reason why customer says “Ecoreco Karwana Hai” (a synonym to e-waste recycling).



Ecoreco’s network of Take Back, Training & Treatment Points

Since its inception, Ecoreco has conceptualized and implemented various innovative business models whereby the Indian e-waste industry has discovered value. We were the first Indian company to set up a state-of-the-art recycling plant and make believe logistics companies that ‘we can also do reverse logistic’.


Now the time has come to widen Ecoreco’s network by establishing its own Reverse Logistic Points which will be run by the Trained & Certified Partners and setting up of Pre-processing Points at various locations across India.

With India generating over 3 million metric tonnes of e-waste and over 90% is being handled by the unorganized sector, Ecoreco has chalked out a plan to integrate these experienced Kabadies in its network of collection & dismantling activities to share benefit of this untapped opportunity and at the same time protecting their livelihood and environment.



Ecoreco to Underwrite Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR)

Strategic partner to India's electronic manufacturing companies

With effect from 1st may, 2012, the E-waste (Management & Handling) Rules 2011 makes it mandatory for the manufacturers / producers of electrical & electronic equipment to take back end of life electrical & electronic equipment from the end user, transport and get recycled in an environment friendly manner with the help of authorised & registered e-waste recyclers in the country.


Ecoreco proposes to shoulder the above responsibilities of the EEE manufacturers / producers to collect WEEE by leveraging its pan-India network of Takeback Points, Reverse Logistic and Environment Friendly Dismantling / Recycling Centres, in short Ecoreco proposes to underwrite the environmental responsibility of the producers and give them enough breathing space to focus on their core business. This service of Ecoreco is known as “Call to Compliance”, the details of the same and tailored plan can be shared with individual producers / group of producers / associations of the producers on demand.


The list of EEE as per E-waste (Management & Handling) Rules 2011:




(See Rules 2, 3 (j) and (k))

Categories of Electrical and Electronic Equipment covered under the Rules


Sr.No. Categories of electrical and electronic equipment EEE Code
(i) Information technology and telecommunication equipment:
Centralized data processing: Mainframes, Minicomputer IEW1
Personal Computing: Personal Computers (Central Processing Unit with input and output devices) IEW2
Personal Computing: Laptop Computers (Central Processing Unit with input and output devices) IEW3
Personal Computing: Notebook Computers IEW4
Personal Computing: Notepad Computers IEW5
Printers including cartridges IEW6
Copying equipment IEW7
Electrical and electronic typewriters IEW8
User terminals and system IEW9
Facsimile IEW10
Telex IEW11
Telephones IEW12
Pay telephones IEW13
Cordless telephones IEW14
Cellular telephones IEW15
Answering systems IEW16
(ii) Consumer electrical and electronics:
Television sets (including sets based on (Liquid Crystal Display and Light Emitting Diode technology) ICEW1
Refrigerator ICEW2
Washing Machine ICEW3
Air-conditioners excluding centralized air conditioning plants ICEW4



Ecoreco’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Enabling Model

All the GODs namely Generators (Manufacturers / Producers), Operators (Users) Destroyers (Dismantlers / Recyclers) of EEE & WEEE Recycling can really play a very great role to meet CSR obligations towards themselves and society by merely handing over their e-waste for scientific recycling at the designated places or point of collection of Ecoreco and display Common Social Responsibility Concept to emerge finally.


As a torchbearer and market leader of India’s e-waste management industry, Ecoreco has developed excellent models for the corporate looking for to serve the environment, skill development and waste management segments as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) plans. Ecoreco can assist such foresighted organisations to avail of the services offered by Ecoreco and meet their mandatory requirement under CSR obligations. Ecoreco will be more than happy to share its plans on demand.


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