Fosters better employee engagement and work-life balance.
Life@Ecoreco is about teamwork, fun & excitement and the satisfaction of doing something green (good) everyday

Open work culture

Ecoreco prides itself for having an open work culture and an open door policy. This allows employees to interact with the senior leadership team in a seamless manner. The open work culture additionally creates a sense of transparency, mutual trust and camaraderie among our people. Further, our participative culture is based on the voice of employees and fosters better employee engagement and work-life balance.


Training & Development

Our Training and Development (T&D) initiatives help employees stay abreast with the latest developments in the industry. A T&D calendar schedule is drawn up for every department and implemented in a regular manner. Along with internal T&D programs, we send select employees for external training and skill development along with industry interactions.


Job Rotation

Job rotation is a key employee policy at Ecoreco. Our employees have the opportunity to take on diverse roles across various functions in the organization. This ensures that promising employees get a 360 degree view of the various functions of the company, helping them take on leadership roles. With various new business lines on the horizon, ultimately employees will have the opportunity to lead business verticals.


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