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At Ecoreco, we believe every individual has an entrepreneurial drive.
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As India's first and leading e-waste management company, Ecoreco provides its employees with a work environment that is challenging, fulfilling and engaging. Whether you are a fresher, middle management or senior professional, Ecoreco offers opportunities that not only allow you to perform but also enable you to challenge yourself!


 Join an Industry Leader


The Indian e-waste management industry is at the threshold of a unique growth opportunity. We invite you to join us in this journey to reinforce our market leadership through science and new growth areas. As a market leader, Ecoreco will provide you an opportunity to work with the best of customers, both MNCs and Indian companies and experience professional growth.


At Ecoreco, we believe in people with

3 Es:

Entrepreneurial spirit

Energy and



 Nurture your entrepreneurial drive


At Ecoreco, we believe every individual has an entrepreneurial drive. Our work environment nurtures entrepreneurial growth by fostering an open and professional work environment. We enable our people to discover their passion and define a career path of growth in sync with their individual strengths.


 Help India Inc. do business responsibly


At Ecoreco, your job is not just another job. E-waste management in India is at a nascent stage and the industry’s success is critical to India’s green endeavours. With Ecoreco, you will not only fulfil your professional aspirations but also be part of a larger movement to make India green by enabling corporates and individuals to be more responsible towards e-waste disposal.


To be one among us or want to know more about working with us, do write to us at hr@ecoreco.com

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