Corporate Governance and Ethics :

  • Stringent compliance with all local and national laws and regulations regarding bribery, corruption, and prohibited business practices.
  • Adherence to high ethical standards in all business dealings.
  • Establishment of a formal complaints management process, accessible to both employees and community members.
  • Timely and transparent disclosure of material matters related to services provided by the Supplier or Contractor to Ecoreco.

Labor and Workplace Management :

  • Compliance with all pertinent local and national laws and regulations pertaining to employment practices, benefits, health, safety, and anti-discrimination.
  • Maintenance of a workplace free from direct or indirect discrimination, harassment, or bullying based on factors such as gender, age, race, nationality, ethnic origin, disability, or other biases.
  • Prohibition of child labor or forced labor in any form.
  • Provision of equitable pay and working conditions, including adequate rest periods and leave entitlements.

Occupational Health and Safety :

  • Adherence to all relevant local and national health and safety laws and regulations.
  • Establishment of a documented health and safety policy and standards.
  • Implementation of a documented system for identifying risks and mitigating work-related injuries and illnesses.

Environmental Responsibility :

  • Compliance with all applicable local and national environmental laws and regulations, including environmental permits and reporting requirements.
  • Adoption of a written environmental policy.
  • Development of a comprehensive environmental management plan to identify risks arising from their activities and minimize their impact on the environment.


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