Convenient Collection and Recycling Services

Ecoreco is synonymous with convenience when it comes to E-waste recycling in India. Our extensive network of collection centers and state-of-the-art recycling facilities spans the entire nation, ensuring that businesses and consumers alike have easy access to responsible recycling solutions. Our efficient collection and recycling services are designed to streamline the process, making it hassle-free for individuals and organizations to recycle their E-waste.

Cutting-Edge Recycling Technologies

As a frontrunner in the field of E-waste recycling, Ecoreco has consistently invested in the latest recycling technologies. We understand that responsible recycling requires more than just good intentions; it demands the adoption of cutting-edge processes that minimize environmental impact. At Ecoreco, we proudly adhere to the highest environmental standards and comply rigorously with all relevant regulations, setting a gold standard for eco-friendly recycling practices.

Promotion of Recycled Materials

Ecoreco has recognized the pivotal role that recycled materials play in fostering a circular economy for electronics. To this end, we actively collaborate with electronics manufacturers, advocating for the use of recycled materials in the production of new devices. By providing manufacturers with a steady and reliable supply of high-quality recycled materials, we aim to facilitate their transition to more sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

Public Education

Ecoreco believes that awareness and education are fundamental to driving change in E-waste recycling behaviors. Our educational initiatives seek to empower consumers and businesses with knowledge about the importance of efficient E-waste disposal and responsible recycling. By demystifying the E-waste recycling process and offering guidance on responsible disposal practices, we aim to inspire a culture of sustainability and responsibility.


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