What is E-Waste?

Give your E-Waste to the best for a better tomorrow !!!
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What is E-Waste?

Ecoreco, the pioneer E-Waste recycling company of India is offering this revolutionary and game changing proposition to all those who are looking for a sustainable model to serve themselves, the society and the nation.


  • E-waste Recycling

    Ecoreco’s WEEE Recycling facility performs end-to-end e-waste process while ensuring complete environmental protection and also recovering maximum reusable material out of discarded electronic equipment. Using advanced technology for precious metal recovery, materials such as gold, aluminium, silver, copper is extracted from scraped electronics.

  • Data Destruction (Onsite & Offsite)

    We, at Ecoreco, have developed India’s first mobile shredding facility that takes care of client’s data security related concerns by destructing 100% confidential data at the client’s premises (onsite) itself.

  • Lamp Recycling (Onsite & Offsite)

    Although not a regulated industry, Ecoreco started Lamp Recycling facility in 2008. We encourage disposal of fused lamps to protect the environment as it contains hazardous elements. On-site as well as Off-site recycling service is provided by Ecoreco’s Lamp Recycling on Wheels facility.

  • Reverse Logistics

    Ecoreco operates a robust network of reverse logistics which encourages formal e-waste recycling. We own a number of trucks and containers and also have tie-ups with lots of leading logistics companies to back our initiative of returning back the basic materials to the particular industries without encouraging further withdrawal from mines.

  • Asset Management

    Ecoreco believes in recovering discarded components and equipment using eco-friendly techniques and remarkets these products. We have a team of certified engineers taking care to salvage and refurbish assets. Every year in December, Ecoreco organises E-waste week wherein we request corporates to donate computers for refurbishment which are then given to the underprivileged.

  • EPR Partnering

    EPR can be conveyed in two ways, Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) or Environment Protection Responsibility (EPR). Ecoreco follows the right guidelines and has set up e-waste drop-off centres to ensure responsible management of obsolete electronic products.

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