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Lamp is Life: Mercury is Merciless

Light is life; lamps facilitates. But discarded or fused lamps containing mercury, phosphorous and other hazardous elements when goes in to water bodies, dries the source over a period of time.


Ecoreco facilitates disposal of fused lamps to protect environment. Although, lamp recycling is not a regulated industry but Ecoreco started this service way back in 2008 to encourage large consumers of lamps to go for recycling in an environment friendly manner. Ecoreco started Lamp Recycling on Wheels facility in 2008 to provide on-site service of lamps recycling and also provides off site lamps recycling service to environment conscious users of lamps.


When lamps are thrown away in the solid waste stream and end up breaking, the mercury becomes airborne and can harm the environment. Airborne mercury often contaminates waterways, where it ends up in fish that live in them. When mercury-contaminated fish is consumed, it can affect humans' nervous system, particularly those of young and unborn children.


The amount of mercury in a single lamp may be small. However India's annual domestic production of fluorescent tube lights (FTL) and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) involves the use of about eight tonnes of mercury, further, imported CFLs account for another three tonnes. Since almost all discarded lamps find their way into the municipal garbage from the commercial and domestic sector, the need for lamp recycling is huge. Recognizing the urgent need and opportunity, Ecoreco has developed India's first mobile lamp recycling facility that enables responsible recycling and disposal of lamps at the client premise (onsite). Through this innovation, Ecoreco is preventing mercury from releasing into the environment by keeping these products out of landfills and incinerators. Further, our process of recycling lamps captures the mercury, allowing it to be refined & reused.


Ecoreco provides easy and convenient options for both businesses and consumers to recycle waste lamps both onsite and offsite. Collaborating with manufacturers and bulk consumers to incorporate responsible lamp recycling as a part of their CSR mandate, Ecoreco is committed to support the creation of a mercury-free environment in the country.

Ecoreco's Lamp Recycling Advantage
One-stop shop for lamp recycling to suit all needs
Mobile facility for on-site lamp crushing and recycling
Suitable for all types of lamps including broken lamps.
Fully documented and auditable system
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