Ecoreco is today recognized as a leader and a 'go to' firm in the Indian e-waste management industry.
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Driving sustainability and profitability through reverse logistics

India generates about 3 million tons of e-waste annually. As per United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report this figure may go up by 5 times by 2020. At Ecoreco, we realize the enormity of this challenge. We are committed to making a difference, through organized solutions for e-waste management, asset recovery, data security and a pan-India reverse logistics chain.


Ecoreco is turning India's e-waste challenge into an opportunity for sustainable business growth. In this endeavour, we leverage our end-to-end integrated e-waste recycling facilities and professional management strength. Our reverse logistics operations focus on refurbishing, reusing and disposing end-of-life electronic goods. We drive efficiency in our reverse logistics operations to ensure they are carried out in a cost-effective and environment-friendly manner.


Sustainable Business Growth

Helping businesses yield a healthier bottom line while pushing for a more sustainable future
Recapturing value and generating revenue through repair, refurbishment and remarketing
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