Ecoreco is today recognized as a leader and a 'go to' firm in the Indian e-waste management industry.
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E-waste is an opportunity also to drive social inclusion

At Ecoreco, we believe that e-waste management industry has the potential to uplift the standards of informal sector (Kabadies) rather than uprooting them from the system, ensure better health of Kabadies & their neighbours, education for their kids, better lives of their ladies if Kabadies decides to be a part of Ecoreco’s Vision & Mission of integration. Ecoreco has chalked out a plan of their training & better system of collection & dismantling which will help them to improve their income by integrating with Ecoreco’s Model of Social Upliftment.


Key Social Objectives

Raising awareness for Health, Safety & Environment of the unorganized community
Integration with the organized sector for social betterment
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