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Valuation Report 2020“
Valuation Report 2020“

Info/Other Compliances
Reg 76 Reconcialition of Share Capital Audit 30.06.21
Related Party half year ended 31 March 2021
Secretarial Compliance Report - June 2021
Outcome of Board Meeting 19 July 2021
Intimation of Board Meeting 19 July 2021
Trading Window Closure July 2021
Outcome of the Board Meeting_25 June 2021
Intimation of Board Meeting 25 June 2021
Regulation 74(5) _Demat and Remat related certificate from RTA_31.03.2021
Reg 76 Reconciliation of share capital audit 31.03.2021
Closure of Trading Window 31.03.2021
Outcome of the Board Meeting_ December 31, 2020
Intimation for Newspaper publication_ December 31, 2020
Reg 30 Intimation for cancellation of preferential issue
Shareholding Pattern as on December 31, 2020.
Reg 76 Reconciliation of share capital audit 31.12.2020
Reg 13(3)_Investor complaints_31.12.2020
BSE Intimation_Postpone of Board Meeting for September 2020 quarter
BSE Intimation_Rescheduling of Board Meeting_10.12.2020
BSE_Intimation News Paper Publicaton for September 2020
Intimation for Board Meeting_ Regulation 29(2) SEBI LODR
Intimation for Newspaper Publication_ Regulation 47 SEBI LODR
Certification under Regulation 7 (3) of LODR, 2015
Investor Grievance under regulation 13 (3) of LODR, 2015
Intimation for Closure of trading window_30 September 2020
Regulation 47 Newspaper Publication Unaudited Financial Result
Investors Grievances 13(3) as on 31.12.2019
Investors Grievances 13(3) as on 30.9.2019
Reconciliation of share Capital audit report
Reg 7(3) Certificate from RTA for shares maintained in demat & physical
Reg 40(9) Certificate from PCS for compliance transfer , transmission & transposition
Closure of Trading Window
Notice for Newspaper publication
Intimation of Board Meeting
Loss of Share Certificate
Appointment of CS and Resignation of CFO
Certificate under regulation 40


AGM Voting Result 14.08.2019
BM Intimation 13.07.2019
BM Intimation 14.08.2019
BM Intimation 30.05.2019
BM Outcome 14.08.2019
BM Outcome 13.07.2019
Change in Directorship in the Company
Intimation of Bonus 13.07.2019
Intimation of Record date of Bonus Shares 13.07.2019
Newspaper Advertisement BM Intimation 13.07.2019
Newspaper Advertisement BM Intimation 14.08.2019
Newspaper Advertisement Financial Result 14.08.2019
Proceeding of AGM
Resignation Letter of Ms. Pooja Sharma
Scrutinizer Report
Investor Grievance Redressal Report 31.03.2019
Newspaper Publication Financial Results 11.02.2019
Outcome of Board Meeting 11.02.2019
Closure of Trading Window 04.02.2019
Notice of Board Meeting 11.02.2019
Newspaper Publication 05.02.2019
Reconcilliation of Share Capital Under clause 55 A
Investor Grivance Statment 31.12.2018
Notice of 4th Board Meeting 26.12.2018
Intimation of Closure of Trading Window
Outcome of the Meeting 26.12.2018
Regulation 30 Appointment of Independent Director
Certification Under Regulation 7 (3) of LODR, 2015 - 30.09.2018
Certificate Under Regulation 40(9) of LODR, 2015 - 30.09.2018
Reconcilliation of Share Capital 55 A - 30.09.2018
News Paper Publication Extract of Financial Results 14.11.2018
Outcome of Board Meeting 14.11.2018
Newspaper Publication Notice of Board Meeting 14.11.2018
Closure of Trading Window 14.11.2018
Intimation of Meeting 14.11.2018
Annual Report Submission 2017-18
Outcome of Annual General Meeting 15.09.2018
Voting Results of Annual general Meeting 15.09.2018
Scrutinizer Report of Annual General Meeting 15.09.2018
Notice of 24th Annual General Meeting 15.09.2018
Newspaper Publication of Notice of 24th Annual General Meeting 15.09.2018
Intimation of 2nd Board Meeting 14.08.2018
Closure of Trading Window for 2nd Board Meeting 2018-19
Newspaper Publication - Notice of 2nd Board Meeting 2018-19
Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit 30.06.2018
Statement of Investor Complaint as on 30.06.2018
Newspaper Publication Financial Result 31.05.2018
Outcome of 1st Board Meeting 30.05.2018
Newspaper Publication - Notice of Board Meeting 23.05.2018
Intimation of Board Meeting 30.05.2018
Closure of Trading Window 21.05.2018
Investor Statement 31.03.2018
Outcome of BM Eco Reco 28.03.2018
Revised Intimation to BSE Under Regulation-30 Eco Reco 28.03.2018
Intimation of Board Meeting to BSE 27.03.2018
Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Under Regulation 55A
Newspaper Publication Unaudited Financial Results
Outcome of Board Meeting 20.01.2018
Newspaper Publication of Intimation of Borad Meeting
Intimation of Board Meeting 20.01.18
Closure of Trading Window
Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report
Investor Complaints Document
Newspaper Publication of Financial Result final
Outcome of Board Meeting 14.12
Disclosure Under Regulation 30(3)
Intimation to BSE
Outcome of Board Meeting 17.11
Intimation of Board Meeting 14.12
Final Newspaper Publication
Insider Trading
Notice of Board Meeting
Final Newspaper Publication
Outcome of Board Meeting
Closure of Trading Window
Voting Result Alongwith Scrutinizer Report 05.08.2017
Notice of 23rd Annual General Meeting 04.08.2017
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